A52 Executive Cars in Derby can now offer a carbon neutral Tesla for Chauffeur Hire

With local Derby companies increasingly becoming more switched on to working in a more environmentally friendly manner, it with great pleasure that A52 Executive Cars are now able to offer a major way of reducing your carbon footprint with the introduction of the 100% EV, Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Electrical vehicle Chauffer
Tesla Available for Chauffeur Hire in Derbyshire

The chauffeur driven Tesla Model 3 is avilable through our network, having been recently licensed with North West Leicestershire Districy council, by our trusted colleague, Chris. As would be expected the zero carbon emmisons Tesla has proven to be very popular with eco concious local business’s and clients, so plenty of notice is required if you want to experience Eco Chauffeur Travel.

Eco Chauffeur Travel in Derby in the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The first thing you notice as you step into the cabin is the lack of instrument panel. Everything is controled or viewable on the large ipad like touch screen which sits in the centre of the dash. Other than that you are sitting in a car which is comparable to our Mercedes E Class in terms of comfort and space. It has a large boot and, due to being 100% electric, a smaller luggage compartment where the engine would otherwise sit so is ideal for those who like to take as much luggage as they can get away with.

Chris’s Tesla EV is the performance model with a breataking 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds and, more importantly, a range of 329 miles (wltp) meaning it’s more than capable of Chauffeur driven runs to most airports with no need to stop and recharge. Obviously trips further afield will mean a stop at a Tesla Supercharging point but what better excuse to grab a quick comfort break and coffee.

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