The Difference between our Derby Chauffeur Service and a Taxi

Executive Car service in Derby, Nottingham and the East Midlands

The Difference between our Derby Chauffeur Service and a Taxi

For many people booking a chauffeur driven car is often reserved for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or day at the races, But our Executive car service in Derby is perfect for any personal or business travel when you require the safety, professionalism and service that a taxi just can’t provide.
So, What sets our Derby Chauffeur Service apart from the many private hire and taxi vehicles in our area?

The Chauffeur Service

When you book a chauffeured car service in Derby you should quite rightly expect the company to exceed your expectations. From the first contact, be it by email or phone call, your chauffeur should demonstrate professionalism, discretion and reassurance in all contact made.

The chauffeur’s job is more than just a driver, and a professional chauffeur will act as your concierge of the road, having excellent knowledge of the local area to assist in booking hotels or recommending restaurants or things to do. They should be confident at the wheel, will have a backup plan in the case of roadworks or unforeseen circumstances and will ensure that he or she does everything they can to ensure your journey for business or pleasure goes as smoothly as possible.

A52 Executive Cars & Derbyshire Chauffeurs are experienced in providing luxury chauffeur vehicles and professional drivers for Airport Transfers to and from Derby, business and corporate travel in Derby, Restaurant visits and special occasions, Trips from Derby to Sporting Events such as Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Premier League Football.

Once the booking has been made the chauffeurs’ job does not stop there. We utilise specialist booking software written exclusively for chauffeur companies in order to keep the booker, PA or passenger informed of each step of the booking process with a series of emails or text messages confirming drivers name and contact number, full vehicle details along with a personalised booking portal where vehicles can be tracked or amendments made.

Cloud based Derby Chauffeur booking software

The Chauffeur Presentation

Although the days of tunics and peaked caps may have passed your chauffeur should present themselves in smart conservative business attire. Our role as your chauffeur should not be to upstage our passengers but to blend into the background.

The chauffeur’s vehicle should also be presented in A1 condition in both roadworthiness and cleanliness. Your first impression as your driver pulls up at the collection point is an important one and the vehicle should be clean and polished with windows buffed and tyres blackened.

As your Derby chauffeur carefully places any luggage you may have in the boot of the car and opens the rear door you should be getting into a freshly vacuumed interior where all touchpoints have been wiped down with sanitiser and all surfaces polished. The rear of our vehicles maybe your office for the duration of your journey or perhaps you just want to recline the sumptuous leather seats and relax. Either way, you should feel pampered and the professional chauffeur will ensure you have a supply of bottled mineral water, mints or sweets, tissues, antibacterial hand gel and reading material on hand for your use. You should also expect charging leads for phones and complimentary wi-fi so that you can easily access the internet if you need to.

All of A52 Executive Cars & Derbyshire Chauffeurs vehicles are maintained to dealer specification, are valeted on a daily basis ensuring that your car is always in pristine condition and our chauffeur service always includes complimentary bottled mineral water, mints, wi-fi and reading material such as your favourite daily newspaper. Our class-leading Mercedes S Class features massaging, heated and air-conditioned leather reclining rear seats, footrests, window blinds, panoramic roof alongside rear TV screens to watch films or digital live television on.

The Chauffeurs Knowledge

As discussed earlier, when you book a Chauffeur trip to or from Derby your driver will have planned for all eventualities. This should start before you are even picked up with extensive route planning and preparation. Whilst it is preferred that for many assignments your chauffeur would do a dry run of the journey first in order to plan for any problems that may occur, In today’s world of google maps and street view, it isn’t always necessary. Your chauffeur should still have knowledge of your pick up and drop off points to ensure that they can stop right outside the door, be facing the correct way for embarkment and disembarkment to the curbside of the vehicle whilst avoiding any obstacles that may cause problems.

Alongside route planning and local knowledge, your chauffeur of choice should have invested in his or her own skills and be trained in advanced driving and first aid skills. It is important to understand that any Tom, Dick or Harriette can apply with their local authority to become a private hire driver (such as an Uber driver), buy a fancy motor and call themselves a chauffeur or executive car driver but it’s only a few who actually invest in their own skills to set themselves and the service they give apart from the others.

At A52 Executive Cars & Derbyshire Chauffeurs we fully understand the need to set ourselves apart from other providers who claim to offer a similar service. Our Chauffeurs are proud to be members of and represent the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs. Our drivers have passed advanced driving tests and a number of our chauffeurs have passed Emergency first aid at work qualification. We pride ourselves on ongoing learning in order to offer the best Chauffeur service in Derby that we can do.

In Summary

The above three bulletin points show what you should expect from your Derby chauffeur company and hopefully go some way to explaining the differences between how a Taxi, minicab, airport specialist or private hire service and a chauffeur company differ.

I’m not going to beat around the bush and say we can provide a cheaper service, Our Derby Chauffeur service will cost a little more than a local taxi but in the majority of cases getting chauffeured from door to door in a £100k luxury Mercedes S Class can cost as little as £2 a mile (whilst Derby hackney plated taxis start at £2.40) and as our chauffeur cars are not fitted with meters, you won’t be charged extra for booking your Chauffeur during unsociable hours or for sitting in traffic.

I do believe A52 Executive cars & Derbyshire Chauffeurs offer a professional chauffeur service which is value for money when you take into account the differences between us and the others.

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Who are A52 Executive Cars & Derby Chauffeurs?

Formed in 2010, A52 Executive Cars & Derby Chauffeurs have grown from being a local private hire company to one of the leading suppliers of Chauffeur cars in Derby and Derbyshire. We are the only chauffeur company in Derby whose principal drivers have passed the strict assessment of and been accepted into the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs. We are fully licensed by both Erewash Borough Council and Derby City Council and our chauffeurs have taken Emergency First Aid at Work qualifications alongside their advanced driving and passenger transport training.

A52 Executive Cars are able provide an executive private hire and chauffeur service from Derby and the East Midlands to all destinations in the UK. We are available 24/7 for business travel, sporting events, local or long-distance holiday transfers and staycations and can provide a safe and comfortable executive taxi service for clients wishing to visit family members, traveling to seaports, airports, or rail stations, private holiday travel in the UK, and city breaks.

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